Hydrographics PVA Films

Our premium hydrographic films provide a durable, high-resolution coating that can be transferred to any type of non-porus paintable surface. We use only the finest quality inks and PVA to ensure durability, consistency, and vibrant image transfer. Our films are used by top manufacturers around the globe and provide unrivalled UV resistance.

We have the largest inventory of camouflage, carbon fibre, wood grain, metal, and stone hydro dipping films. Our inventory includes over 3500+ premium patterns including Camouflage films from brands like KryptekNext CamoMoon Shine Camo, and more.

Be sure to check out our Wood Grain hydro dipping films. We have a diverse selection of beautiful Burlwood and Straight Grain patterns. These are used widely in high-end automotive and airline interiors.

Lastly, our Carbon fibre prints are easily the most popular film, selling 6 times the quantity than the next highest selling film. We have multiple stitch versions, over 180+ styles with different transparencies and colours to match the exact print your after